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What is an autoclave machine or autoclave sterilizer?

A steam sterilizer, also referred to as an autoclave, is typically used in healthcare or industry. A pressure vessel filled with steam kills harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores on surfaces it is placed inside. In order to sterilize the items, they need to be heated for a certain time at an appropriate temperature. Steam is a good way to destroy bacteria and spores because it efficiently transfers heat to the items.

What is an autoclave machine price?

The costs of autoclaves differ greatly according to their uses and applications.

Compared to autoclaves you find in a hospital or dental office, industrial and pharmaceutical autoclaves are custom-made and made for a particular job, which influences their cost.

The cost of an autoclave in healthcare applications depends on its capacity and installation. It is important to consider the costs of sterility assurance, monitoring, and maintenance in addition to the cost of the autoclave. The autoclave manufacturer may have different costs per cycle, power consumption and maintenance costs and should be compared to determine your overall cost of ownership.

What is the principle of an autoclave machine?

Working Principal of Autoclave 

The autoclave can be used to perform all types of industrial processes and scientific experiments that work well at high and constant pressures. 

Almost all autoclaves combine steam, pressure, and time. Using similar principles to a pressure cooker, the door of the autoclave locks to form a sealed chamber where all the air is replaced by steam. Pressurizing the steam for the desired duration sterilizes it to the desired degree.

Let's break down a sterilization cycle into three phases:

  • Purge phase: In this phase, within the autoclave chamber, steam displaces air, causing both temperature and pressure to rise.
  • Sterilization phase: In this phase, bacteria, spores, and pathogens are destroyed when they are exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Sterilization phase: In this phase, remaining bacteria, spores, and other pathogens are destroyed.

What is autoclave temperature?

In most cases, autoclaves sterilize at 121 degree Celsius, but some autoclaves can sterilize at higher temperatures.

The temperature should be sufficiently high so that the object spends at least 15 minutes at 121 degree Celsius if heavy objects are to be sterilized. Likewise, extended times are required when large volumes of liquids are autoclaved, since large volumes reach sterilization temperatures more slowly.

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